The Range

Brent filled you in on what we did in the Gravelly Range,but I wanted to share my pictures with you.August got away from us. We will fill you in more on all the happenings later. As long as we don’t delay till the baby comes.

From the Sidelines

Back in June, Brent, Krista (my twin) and my good friend Katie all decided to take on the challenge of running the Jim Bridger Trail Run. This is a 10 mile trail race up in the nearby Bridgers.

Oh to do it all!

As many of you have come to know, Jess and I are photographers and have lately been fairly busy taking photos for the side-business I started last year, thirtyfivemedia. So far, we’ve done family photos, company portraits, maternity shoots and weddings.

Wedding Two

As I’ve mentioned, we have been shooting a few wedding this summer. Here’s a few pictures from the latest event. This one posed a few challenges.