Big Sky Living

This post could also be titled “Brent finally uploads some photos!” We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful area. Yes, the winters can be long, but the wait is always worth it (plus winters are pretty too). Here is a smattering of various images from this summer. Continue reading Big Sky Living

Gregory Wedding

We have had the privilege of knowing this couple for a couple years now, and even had one of them as a roommate for a time. The wedding was performed in Corvallis, MT on a perfect summer day. Almost too perfect. As a photographer, you would like to have a few clouds in the sky, but we made some great images of the day! Enjoy! Continue reading Gregory Wedding

4th of July Fun

Jess, the dog and I headed just outside Bozeman for the 4th of July holiday weekend to Battle Ridge campground. It is only about 45 minutes out and usually has several sites available. Due to the high camping volume of the weekend I headed up early to secure a spot. The last one. Continue reading 4th of July Fun

Pioneer Falls

Several weeks ago, Brent and I decided to wonder off in the mountains for a decent length hike after a Sunday service at Venture. We headed out in the early afternoon towards the Spanish Peaks. These are by far my favorite mountains that can be seen from the valley floor. We took an easy 7 mile hike back to Pioneer Falls. It was a gorgeous day. Continue reading Pioneer Falls

Boy or Girl??

I don’t know how much we have been talking about having a baby on our blog. We have been bad with posts lately. We also don’t have internet right now. Hopefully, we will hit up a coffee shop soon to post some of the things we have been doing before it is no longer just the two (three with Flynn) of us. Continue reading Boy or Girl??