Chicken Adobo

Posted on March 25th, 2012 by Jess Food Photo/Video

Several years back, we started these “Around the World” food themed dinner parties with a group of friends. They all moved away, so they had ended. Other the last year a few of the couples moved back! We decided to start up the dinner parties again. Each time we would pick a new ethnic food. Everyone would bring a dish that pertained to that region. Last night was our first one. We decided to go with filipino food since Brent and I had been in the Philippines last year. We were very excited. I decided to make Chicken Adobo as it was definitely a staple entree while we were there. Brent plans to show case off the rest of the evening at some point, but here are a couple teasers from when I was cooking!

Ready to cook!


All ready to eat!