Ridin’ da Bike

Posted on April 22nd, 2012 by Brent Life Photo/Video

As the weather has been steadily improving, the whole community has been waking up. It used to be that Jess and I could run for miles and not see another person walking, let alone running. Now the fair-weather, winter-afflicted souls our out about creating the hustle and bustle that make Bozeman so enjoyable in the Spring and Summer months. As you may remember, I signed up for a wonderfully long bike ride come this July. The Seattle to Portland, or STP, cycle event is a 204 mile, two-day trek that will wind us between the two iconic NW cities. My great friend Jon is, in large part, the reason I signed up. I am very excited to add this to my list of random adventures in life, and can’t wait to get out there and meet cyclists from all over the world.

Part of getting ready for this amazing event is the training. While I may be in shape enough to run 20 miles, I have found that getting myself ready for the long hours on the bike is going to be a task, a fun one though. I went out on a ride this last Friday with Jon. I also took the chance to pull out the GoPro and see how I will be able to use it document this whole adventure.

I came to a few conclusions after our ride:

  • Padded shorts are a must, my posterior is a wee bit sore.
  • Clipless pedals are probably a good idea.
  • The Gorilla Pod is not quite steady enough for the camera.
  • I have some new muscle groups that will feel sore after a workout.

I have compiled a little bit-o-video, so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! (you can check out the HD version here!)