Race Ready

Posted on April 23rd, 2012 by Jess Run/Hike/Bike

With months of training pounding my feet down on the pavement, it is finally race week. I am just days away from my second marathon. I am excited to try this again as I have done several longer runs than the last training. I feel like my body is a bit more ready due to more hours out in the road. I hope this means I won’t be as sore. This also probably means that I will be pushing myself harder than I did in Portland. I will end up being just as sore. I am really hoping to just be able to run the whole way without getting stopped by two trains. I am okay with taking a bathroom break because I am in control of that. I cannot control the trains. I am also hoping to beat my official time as well as the time that I actually crossed the finish line. Anything under a 4:08 would make me ecstatic. Things can happen though, so finishing this second marathon is the main goal. I do not want to set too high of goals and end up disappointing myself. I am ultimately running for fun no matter what happens.
Being a little freaked out with how my body will handle running in the heat, I have been running in long sleeve shirts and capris. I couldn’t handle being in pants, so I compromised. The heat hasn’t been to crazy but a 20 or 16 miler can get a bit hot in 60ish degree weather when wearing those types of clothes. I think my body has gotten use to it a bit but we will see how it goes on Saturday. He weather looks fairly good and not too uncontrollably hot.
I am excited that this week is finally here! Bring it on Nashville! I will rock n’ roll it this weekend!