Farmer’s Market

Posted on June 13th, 2012 by Jess Life Photo/Video

Last night I went with some friends to the local farmer’s market. Brent was busy giving guitar lessons so I took it as an opportunity to get in some chica time. One of my friends is working on a photo contest in which she chose the word “community”. She needs to capture just that. What a better place to try than a farmer’s market? My photos turned out to be some interesting ones as I am not use to taking pictures of the public or of an event like this. Most of my pictures tend to be none moving objects. With the low light underneath the pavilion and a camera that didn’t seem to like it, I got some motion blurs that I actually kind of like. I hope you enjoy.

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  • Kyramichelle

    I love the one of the girl with red hair! :) Love them all!